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Crutch stand holder from

Crutch stand "KATANA" (15 to 23mm diam.)

Gravity was the crutch user's worst enemy! That was until we made it work to your advantage... 


Meet the simplest solution to falling crutches: The KATANA!


We've distilled it to only the essential parts needed to keep your crutch standing. With just a 3cm movement of your little finger, the KATANA extends, using gravity to hold it in place, and small springs to retract it automatically. Simply lift slightly and move on...


It's so ingeniously simple, we just had to apply for a patent.


Here are the numerous advantages (sorry, we couldn't think of any disadvantages):


  • One-Finger-Extension Mechanism (for both left and right-handed users)
  • Automatic Retraction through springs
  • Easy Mounting within a minute to probably almost any crutch, even kid's ones. Here is the proof.
  • Adjustable to any crutch size
  • Extremely Durable PET plastic (have you ever tried to destroy a soda bottle?)
  • Tested for over 15,000 extension and retraction cycles
  • Reusable on other crutches
  • Available in Different Colors to match your style
  • Lightweight at only 165g (think of it as a strength training tool, not a burden!)


And we add two reflecting strips, since we not only want you to get well, but also be safe!


Please be aware that this standard version is a one-size-fits-all for tube diameters at the bottom (above the rubber tip) from 15 to 23mm with the included M5x16 screw. You can also use it for 8 to 23mm, but you will need an M5x25 screw, which is not included.


There is also the MOBI version, for tube diameters from 22 to 32mm, designed for crutches like the MOBI model.

In any case, you will need at least 50mm of tube lenght above the rubber tip for being able to install the stand. For standard crutches with a maximum 6cm rubber tip this should be sufficient to balance out the stand.


The brackets for the upper finger-lever part are one-size-fits-all for any crutch from 18 to 35mm.


Dimensions (retracted lower stand part only): 9x5x23cm (w*d*h)


We offer a warranty of 3 months or 100,000 km (walked).


The price is per piece. Crutches not included.

(Crutch Stand)

  • Taking care of your KATANA

    Basically, the KATANA is maintenance-free, but if needed, you can wash it with lukewarm water.

    Do not unscrew the screws around which the legs pivot, as we used bolt adhesive, UNLESS the legs stop returning automatically. This is not a device failure, but sometimes technically unavoidable due to dust.

    In that case, first try some lubricant spray from the outside between the pivoting part and bracket. If this doesn't help, loosen the screw slightly until it moves again, and then add a drop of super glue from the inside (you'll have to temporarily remove the lower part of the stand from the crutch, but that's no big deal). In any case, do not unscrew it completely, because that's where we hid the spring for automatic retraction, and we don't want you to get attacked by it, as it is preloaded!

  • Return policy

    We believe you'll love the KATANA, but if you need to return it, you'll be responsible for return shipping and any additional costs, like import taxes. After inspection, we can refund about 50% of the original price, depending on the condition.

    Considering the low initial price, we recommend selling or passing it on locally instead.

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