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  • What type of crutch can I mount the KATANA to?
    You can mount the KATANA on any type of crutch, since we can use the center of gravity to our advantage to stabilize it. The KATANA is designed to be one-size-fits-all, fitting about 95% of crutches. For crutches with exceptionally thick tubes, we offer the KATANA MOBI to cover most of the remaining 5%. Here are the tube diameters both models cover. Tube diameter for mounting the activation lever near the handle: KATANA & KATANA MOBI: 18 to 35mm Tube diameter for mounting the stand at the bottom, right above the rubber tip: KATANA: 15 to 23mm with the included M5x16 screw. You can also use it for 8 to 23mm, but you will need an M5x25 screw (not included). KATANA MOBI: 22 to 32mm with the included M5x16 screw. You can also use it for 10 to 32mm, but you will need an M5x35 screw (not included). With a standard rubber tip around 6cm in height, you should be able to mount the stand right above it with minimal adjustments. Ensure at least 50mm of space above the rubber tip for the stand to fit snugly and firmly. PLEASE NOTE: Crutches naturally tend to fall over. The KATANA offers an elegant solution to keep them standing but requires proper initial installation (easier than you might think – see our installation-in-under-1-minute-video here). Additionally, you must be with the crutch when activating the stand. Once secured, it will remain standing indefinitely.
  • How should I take care of my KATANA?
    Basically, the KATANA is maintenance-free, but if needed, you can wash it with lukewarm water. Do not unscrew the screws around which the legs pivot, as we used bolt adhesive, UNLESS the legs stop returning automatically. This is not a device failure, but sometimes technically unavoidable due to dust. In that case, first try some lubricant spray from the outside between the pivoting part and bracket. If this doesn't help, loosen the screw slightly until it moves again, and then add a drop of super glue from the inside (you'll have to temporarily remove the lower part of the stand from the crutch, but that's no big deal). In any case, do not unscrew it completely, because that's where we hid the spring for automatic retraction, and we don't want you to get attacked by it, as it is preloaded!
  • What is the warranty on the KATANA?
    We offer a warranty of 3 months or 100,000 km (walked)... 😀
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