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Effortless Convenience for Your Mobility Needs

Working principle crutch stand

All Crutches on this Planet
have the same Problem...

fallen falling crutches

They keep falling over, many times a day, again and again!

And this is extremely annoying for the person who already is in trouble and it's obvious, that being angry doesn't help to get well!

238 patents so far have attempted to solve this problem and master gravity, but none really made it to the market. Either they are too expensive or too cumbersome or you need both hands to engage or they can't be easily installed on any crutch, or...

Until now.

Let us present to you the KATANA!

Like the perfect harmony between a Samurai and his sword, it was designed to merge precision, elegance and gracefulness into pure efficiency.


And boy is this efficiency Patent Pending...


What does the KATANA have in store for me?



Keep holding your crutch firmly and safely while activating, no matter if it's a finger of your right or left hand. 


Automatic retraction

Don't worry about retraction, a spring does this for you. Just slightly lift the crutch, clip-clap, and move on with your daily life.


Mountable within minutes to probably any existing crutch

Our one-size-fits-all design makes sure, that you can mount it to any crutch with standard tube diameters (at least we haven't found any yet, to which it wouldn't fit). 

And for extra large tubing like for the MOBI crutch, just order the corresponding KATANA MOBI model.

Oh, and by the way, we have proven that it can be mounted in less than a minute to a crutch, and stay there for the next 10 years. Just click here and see the YouTube Short video...


Adjustable to any size of crutch

Whether it's a kid's crutch or one for a tall person, they all have a center of gravity and the KATANA let's you move it where it needs to be.


Extremely durable

Have you ever tried to destroy a PET bottle? See, that's how durable and yet flexible the KATANA is... Same material. The springs are made of stainless steel 304, the feet of aluminium and the nylon line... Well, you could go deep-sea fishing with it.

Not to mention the 15'000 cycles we have tested it for...

And yet, you won't notice it all, that's how lightweight it is.


Done with walking on crutches?

Unmount the KATANA and pass it on. And even if it is for a taller person, there is normally plenty of spare nylon hidden, exactly for this case.


Choose your color

Walking on crutches is not a shame, but simply a necessity, so choose your color that suits you and tell the world: "I do not care what you think, I just want to get well and be happy!"


Switzerland inside

The KATANA was invented, designed and produced in Switzerland. So that you know what you get.

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